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DCM Connection Tool

Use DCM Connection to display a prompt in an app or macro, and allow to pick a Connection from the DCM storage. The user's Connection ID is passed downstream.

Configure the Tool

Use these options to configure the DCM Connection tool:

  • Enter the text or question to be displayed: Instruction text displayed to the user.

  • Data Source Technology Filter: (Optional) Restrict the user's choice of Connections to ones of a specific Technology.

  • Connection Manager Display Name: (Optional) Instruction text related to the technology of the Connection, displayed as the title of Connection Manager. If the Data Source Technology Filter is set, this value is automatically populated by the Data Source Technology name.

Update Value using the Action tool

After the DCM Connection tool is connected to a tool, an Action macro tool is added automatically. You need to configure the tool to place the incoming DCM connection properly into the following tool.

To do so, you have to:

  • Have the following tools (Input Data or Download tool) configured using a DCM connection.

  • On the Action tool, make sure the Action type is set to Update Value and the row starting with "Connection - value=" followed by a unique ID is selected.