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AMP Memory Use

Now that we know more about Alteryx Engine, AMP, and the main differences between the 2, let’s take a look at the memory usage and configuration.


The default memory usage for AMP is 25% of available machine memory. The minimum memory requirements include...

  • The AMP engine must have at least 400 MB per thread to run a workflow. 399 MB produces an error.

  • The original engine must have at least 64 MB to run a workflow. 63 MB produces an error.

Note that AMP carries data more efficiently, so data streams are smaller than with the original engine.

Memory Limit

The Memory Limit setting in Designer defines the maximum amount of memory that the engine might use to execute a workflow. Use the default setting to run single workflows, and decrease the setting if you need to run multiple workflows at a time.

To edit the default Memory Limit value, select the white space of the canvas (click anywhere on the canvas), navigate to the Workflow Configuration pane, and select the Runtime tab.

Increasing the Memory Limit value can improve the performance of the engine because more data can stay in memory instead of moving to temporary files. Increasing the Memory Limit can decrease the performance of processes beyond the engine.

For more information, go to Memory Use.