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Workflow Dependencies

In the Workflow Dependencies window, tools are grouped by the input or output path or data references (for example, macros) used in the configuration. You can edit paths individually or as a group to be relative or absolute.

Edit paths in Workflow Dependencies to prepare your workflows before you share and deploy them across your organization.

With a workflow open, select Options > Advanced Options > Workflow Dependencies to open the window.


Workflow Dependencies displays a table of all inputs, outputs, and data in a workflow. The table can be viewed in 2 ways:

  • Show Individual Tools: (Default) Displays the configuration of each tool dependent on a data file.

  • Group by Dependency: Displays tools in groups based on a common dependency.

Edit Dependencies

  1. Select Edit next to the dependency.

  2. Review the dependency details.

    • Directory: Displays the full path of the dependency as it is configured in the workflow.

    • Table/Query: Displays the table name or query specified for the dependency.

    • Test Error: Displays any error associated with the data.

  3. Select or deselect tools, to which you want edits to apply. All tools affected by the dependency display in the list.

  4. Select a button to edit paths. Then, select one of these buttons:

    • All Relative: Change the file dependencies to a relative path to the workflow location:

      . . . \SampleData\Pet Stores_wData.TAB

    • All Absolute: Change all file dependencies to an absolute path to the file location:

      C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Samples\SampleData\Pet Stores_wData.TAB

    • All UNC: Change all file dependencies to Uniform Naming Convention. Designer renames all mapped drives to a network resource:

      \\Computer Name\C\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Samples\SampleData\Pet Stores_wData.TAB

    • Test: Check connections and report errors.

    For reference, the workflow path displays at the bottom of Workflow Dependencies.

  5. Select OK.

Tools in Workflow Dependencies

Included Tools

Tools configured with data files can be edited in Workflow Dependencies. You can edit any part of a file path in these tools:

You can only edit part of the file path in these tools:

You can view these tools, but not edit them, in Workflow Dependencies:

  • Tools that use a non-configurable dataset: CASS tool and US ZIP9 Coder tool both require a dataset, but Alteryx always uses the Most Recent Vintage.

Excluded Tools

You cannot edit some tools via Workflow Dependencies. Edit these tools during tool configuration, before you package or schedule a workflow.