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dropbox output Dropbox Output Tool


As of Designer and Server version 2024.1, the Dropbox tools are no longer supported. The tools will continue to work in Designer and Server versions 2023.2 and older.

Use Dropbox Output to write data from the input source file into your Dropbox workspace.

Configure the Tool

To install the Dropbox Output tool, in Alteryx Designer open the Dropbox Output YXI file you downloaded from the Alteryx Community.


To install the Dropbox Output tool for all users, open the Designer app with administrator credentials.

  1. To add the Dropbox Output tool into a workflow, go to the Connectors tool category, select Dropbox Output and drag and drop the tool on the canvas.

  2. Select the Dropbox Output tool to navigate to the Configuration panel.

  3. Enter your credential details in the left side panel. You can choose from these authentication methods:

    • Sign in via Internet Browser: A pop-up window appears to grant access to Dropbox. You can also choose to Connect through your own Dropbox application with the client ID and secret.

    • Provide Access Token: Authentication with an access token generated to call for your account without going through the authorization flow. With this authentication method, you also decide whether to sign in to a Personal or Business account.

  4. Select the Connect button.

  5. Select Add a New File. You can add a new file...

    • By Name: Enter a File Name

    • By Field: Enter a Field Name.

  6. You can also select to Add a New Folder and enter a Folder Name.

  7. Select the Create button.

  8. Based on the selected file format there are multiple options available in the Options tab.

  9. For the XLSX file format, under the Data tab you can also specify in which sheet to write the data:

    • By Sheet Name: Provide the sheet name directly. If the sheet does not exist it will be created in Dropbox.

    • By Field: Create multiple sheets based on the field name selection.

  10. You can select the Existing File Action (Rename, Overwrite, Append, and Abort) from the dropdown. By default, the Rename action is performed.


    If you select the Overwrite or Append options in Existing File Action, the updated sheet becomes the first sheet in the file. This can impact tools using the order numbers of sheets.

  11. Select Run to execute the workflow.