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HTML GUI SDK Vs UI SDK: Key Differences

With the release of the new AYX UI SDK, it’s a good time to highlight the key differences between the AYX UI SDK and the original HTML GUI SDK.

Over 100 Components

The new UI SDK has over 100 components with interactive demos and standalone documentation that help you understand how each component functions. This is a major upgrade over the HTML GUI SDK which is limited to 18 components.

Built with React

We built the new UI SDK in the latest version of React, one of the most widely used and well-maintained front-end libraries. For comparison, the HTML GUI SDK was built with HTML5 and ES5 JavaScript.

Releases and Maintenance

The new UI SDK has been utilized internally by our own developers for years with a tight feedback loop. The UI SDK is regularly maintained and updated, whereas updates to the HTML GUI SDK were released once a year.

Additional Features of the New UI SDK

While the HTML GUI SDK has an intricate and proprietary binding of data items and widgets, the UI SDK takes a simpler approach.

  • The UI SDK is state-container agnostic. You’re welcome to use Redux, Flux, Mobx, or any other state container.

  • The UI SDK has a simplified interface that lets you maintain the state of your model as well as the tool configuration.

  • A real-time Dev Harness lets you rapidly prototype your UIs.