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Output a Flat File

The Flat file (.flat) type is meant to be used with ASCII files (.asc) which contain fixed-length fields and optionally contain line ends to mark the end of records.

To output a flat text file...

  1. Connect an Output Data tool to the data stream in the workflow.

  2. Browse to the output file name and location and use the *.txt file extension when you name the file. In the file explorer, set Save as Type to Comma Separated Value (*.csv). Select Save.

  3. In the tool Configuration window under Options, select Flat ASCII file (*.flat) from File Format.

This outputs 2 files:

  • The specified *.txt file

  • A layout description file with a *.flat extension

Use the *.flat file if you need to use the file as input in a subsequent workflow. Go to Flat Files for more information on flat files.