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Map Input Tool Icon Map Input Tool

One Tool Example

Map Input has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Map Input to draw or select the desired map object to use as an input in a workflow. You can draw or select a point, line, or polygon from a map that displays a reference base map like TomTom or DigitalGlobe.

You can set a reference base map as default and even set the default map bounds for the Map Input tool from User Settings. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings and select the Tools tab. Next, use the Dataset Defaults section to make your selections.

Configure the Tool

  1. Mode: Select an option to configure the Map Input tool:

    • Draw: Draw points, lines, or polygons (spatial objects) directly on a map. Optionally, a reference file that contains spatial objects can be viewed. You can identify spatial objects with a label, and the label is passed downstream along with the spatial object data.

      • Pan around on the map and use the zoom in/out slider to get the map in the desired position for object placement.

      • Select the type of object to draw on the map (point, line, or polygon.)

      • Click directly on the map to place the object.

      • Double-click to close a polygon or complete drawing a line.

      • Once you draw an object, you are prompted to specify a label for the drawn object.

      • Select a map to rename, modify, or delete the object.

    • Select: ­­­­Select points and polygons from a reference layer. The selected objects are used as the input for the workflow.

      • Select Individual objects, or use a bounding box to select all points, lines, and polygons within.

      • Press Ctrl + Click to select additional individual objects.

  2. Base Map: Use the dropdown list to specify which set of reference layers to include within the map image. The list includes all mapfile and layersets currently installed.

  3. Reference yxdb: Use the file browse button to specify a YXDB file with spatial objects to display on the map. The map automatically zooms to the extent of this layer. Depending on the mode you choose, you can select objects from this layer to pass through the tool or draw their own objects. If you browse to a file on the Map Input tool which is on a mapped drive, then the file won't be found as it can't exist in the persistence layer. In this instance, the file can't be rendered, and only non-mapped files can be used.

  4. Label Field: Use the dropdown list of fields from the reference YXDB specified above. You can pick a field to display on the map.