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Connection Type

ODBC (64-bit)

Type of Support

Read & Write; In-Database

Validated On

Database Version: 11.7, 14.1, and 15.3.

ODBC Client Version:

For more information about the Simba Athena ODBC driver, see the Simba ODBC documentation.

Alteryx Tools used to Connect

Standard Workflow Process

Input Data Tool

Input Data Tool Icon


Output Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon


In-Database Workflow Process

Select Greenplum as the Data Source.

Connect In-DB Tool

Blue icon with database being plugged in.


Data Stream In Tool

Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.


Supported Versions

Maximum Columns In Table: 250 - 1600, depending on column types

Maximum Column Name Length: 63 characters

Maximum Row Size: 1.6 TB

You can use either the ANSI 32-bit driver or the Unicode® ODBC driver. If using the ODBC connection for spatial data, use the Unicode® ODBC driver.

The driver does not support certain available JSONb query operators (?,?|,?&). For more information, see the PostgreSQL documentation.

Due to PostgreSQL database limitations, only two tables can be combined with the Union In-DB Tool that contain completely different column names. Three or more tables will produce an error.

To configure the PosgreSQL Bulk connection for writing data, please see the Configure PosgreSQL Bulk Connection for Writing Data article.