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Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019

Connection Type

ODBC, OLEDB (64-bit)

Driver Details

Bulk write support is available for standard and in-database workflows.

In-Database processing requires 64-bit database drivers.

Type of Support

Read & Write, In-Database

Validated On

Database version: 10, 11, 12, 13

Client version: ODBC Driver 11, 13, 13.1, 17, and 18; OleDB - SQL Server Native Client 10, 11

Alteryx tools used to connect

Standard workflow processing

Input Data Tool

Input Data Tool Icon


Output Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon


In-Database workflow processing

Connect In-DB Tool

Blue icon with database being plugged in.


Data Stream In Tool

Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.


Connecting to SQL Server

See Connect to a SQL Server Database.

FileTable Support

For writing to a Microsoft SQL Server FileTable, see Microsoft Excel - Alteryx Driver.


  • Maximum Columns In Table: 1024

  • Maximum Column Name Length: 128 characters

  • Maximum Row Size: 8060 bytes ( does not include LOB size )

LOB or VARBINARY data must all be at the end of the select. If the user enters a SQL statement that doesn't have them at the end of the statement they get a warning, "A blob or binary field has been detected in your query. The data in this field will be returned as NULL unless it is moved to the end of your select statement.". Selecting the table on the Tables tab will move all LOBs to the end.

There is a limit for SQL Server for varchar(max) of 16777216 characters (read and write). Data above this limit is truncated.