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Connection Type

Alteryx Tools, ODBC (64-bit). The latest version is available from the Alteryx Marketplace.

Type of Support

Read & Write

Validated On

ODBC Client Version 2.2.20




  • Compatible with Designer 2021.4.2 Patch 6, 2022.1 Patch 4 and later.

  • Compatible with AMP engine only.

  • Added support for DCM.

    • DCM is required for running this connector in Alteryx Server.

  • FIPS capable.

  • Added support for OAuth authentication and custom domains.

  • Fixed issue where Salesforce Input didn’t show all fields and objects. (TPM-1579)

  • Fixed issue where Salesforce Input incorrectly parsed PAC file. (TFLN-1243)

  • Fixed issue where Salesforce Input didn’t display the configuration window when Designer language was set to French. (TDCE-119)

Known Issues

  • Reports lists only Recent reports, not all the Reports available to the user.

  • Reports return only the first 2000 records.


  • Fixes defect with Custom Queries failing to parse from the Salesforce Input tool.

  • The Salesforce Input jobs will no longer fail when scheduled or run from the command line.

  • Fixes defect with certificate verification in the Salesforce Input tool.

  • Supports uploading the Salesforce Input tool to Gallery without token.


  • Added support for connecting through a proxy using auto detection and configuration.

  • Compatible with Alteryx version 2019.2 and up.


  • Added ability to query Salesforce Reports.

  • Query Builder and Custom Query return all records (including deleted) by default.

  • Add 'IsDeleted=False' in WHERE clause to exclude deleted records.

  • Compatible with Alteryx version 2018.3 - 2019.2.


  • Fixes defects for Record Limit under Runtime tab of workflow configuration and passwords containing XML special characters.

  • Compatible with Alteryx version 11.0 - 2018.2.

Alteryx tools used to connect

Standard workflow processing

Salesforce Input Tool

Salesforce Input Tool Icon


Salesforce Output Tool

Salesforce Output Tool Icon


Salesforce Wave Output Tool

Salesforce Wave Output Tool Icon


Input Data Tool

Input Data Tool Icon


Output Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon


Data Connection Manager

The Salesforce Input tool version 2.2.0 and later support Data Connection Manager for an easier and a safer storage of your credentials. Create a connection to Salesforce and easily reuse the stored credentials in workflows that include the Salesforce Input tool. Alteryx Server requires stored credentials to successfully run the published workflows.

Enable AMP Engine

Make sure you have the AMP engine enabled for the workflows which contain the Salesforce Input tool version 2.2.0 and later.

Custom API Application Setup

To set up a custom API application for this tool, see our guide.