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Generic OAuth Authentication

With this authentication method, you can leverage an Identity Provider of your choice supporting OpenID protocol to issue identities for a number of data sources and access the data from Alteryx Designer.


Contact your system administrator to help you with the configuration.

Data Source Support

Following data sources support Generic OAuth2 authentication method:

  • MS SQL Server

  • Snowflake

  • Google BigQuery

  • Databricks

  • Denodo


  • Amazon Redshift

  • Teradata

  • Azure Synapse Analytics (Azure SQL Datawarehouse)

  • Exasol

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database

  • NetSuite

  • Amazon Athena

  • Amazon Redshift Spectrum

  • Microsoft Analytics Platform System

  • Apache Spark

To learn more about how to leverage Generic OAuth with the above data sources, refer to the Community page.