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Snowflake Connection without DSN

You can use the Data Connection Manager (DCM) interface to capture all needed information and the driver to provide authentication. The data connection is shareable via Server, the connection string is saved in DCM instead of a workflow, and the workflow is shareable without being dependent on DSN.

Connection Set Up

  1. Drag the Input Data tool onto the Designer canvas.

  2. Select the Use Data Connection Manager (DCM) checkbox.

  3. In the Data Connections window, go to Data sources and choose Snowflake ODBC.

  4. The Connection Manager window opens. Select + Add Data Source.

  5. From the dropdown, select the Snowflake ODBC DCN-less with Simba technology.

  6. Select Add Data Source.

  7. Enter the information:

    1. Data Source Name

    2. Server

    3. Database

    4. Schema

    5. Warehouse

    With Designer version 2024.1, the proxy parameter has been added to the Snowflake DCM schema.


    Make sure to not include proxy credentials in the parameter. The value of this parameter is not encrypted and might be misused for malicious purposes.

  8. Select Save.

  9. To link the credentials, select + Connect Credential.

  10. You can choose User name and password or OAuth as an Authentication Method.

  11. For OAuthauthentication method choose OAuth Application (for more information, see the SnowflakeOAuth Authentication article).

  12. Now you can choose an existing token or Create New Credential for OAuth Tokens. For a new credential fill in the Credential Name.

  13. Select Create and Link.

  14. Select the Connect button and sign in on the Snowflake manager external browser window.

  15. Select Connect.

  16. Choose any table from your database in the Query Builder.

  17. Select OK.