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Microsoft Power BI

Connection Type

Alteryx Tool (available from the Alteryx Marketplace)

Driver Details

Microsoft Power BI account must be created.

Type of Support





  • Compatible with Designer 2021.4.2 Patch 6, 2022.1 Patch 4 and later.

  • Compatible with AMP engine only.

  • DCM is required for running this connector in Alteryx Server.

  • Updated to run on Designer 2024.1 and newer.

  • Added support for NTLM proxy.

  • Added support for GCC High tenant (also known as Microsoft Government Cloud) and Custom tenant. These methods are available only in DCM.

  • Removed usage of .shiv folder.

  • Fixed issue where Custom OAuth authentication defaulted to "common" tenant. (TFLN-1886)

  • Fixed issue where Service Principal authentication incorrectly opened browser authentication. (TFLN-1885)


  • Added support for certificates that contain special characters.


  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer and Server 2021.4.2 Patch 4, 2022.1 Patch 2 and later.

  • Compatible with AMP engine only.

  • Added support for DCM.

    • DCM is required for running this connector on Alteryx Server.

  • FIPS capable.

  • SSL/TLS validation is now performed against Windows Certificate Store.


  • Authentication occurs using the user's browser instead of embedded CEF in Designer to comply with modern security policies like Conditional Access.

  • The login session is valid for 6 months (instead of 24 hours in the previous versions) which is more suitable for scheduling.

  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer version 2021.3.4 and later.


  • Added option to use Service Principal.

  • Added option to disable SSL validation (not recommended, debugging purposes only).

  • Fixed blank screen issue when authenticating in Designer 2021.3.2.54175. Please note that you also need to update to Designer or later.


  • Built-in multitenant Azure App with an option to use a custom Azure App

  • Supports multiple table inputs

  • Keeps existing dataset and its structure with updating/overwriting data

  • User can select which workspace to work with

  • Proxy support

  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer version 2021.2.2 and later


  • Removed pre-packaged virtual environment configuration in support of .yxi installer enhancements made for Designer 2020.2.


  • Add/correct the metadata search tags to both the config.xml in the yxi package and the tool’s configuration xml files.

  • Fix issue with request-oauthlib version conflicts with oathlib version 2.0.6 at runtime.


  • Tool metainfo update.


  • Added support for selecting a data set and table from a populated dropdown.


  • The new YXI Power BI Output Connector with the following improvements from existing macro.

  • Adds support for selecting Power BI workspaces other than “My Workspace”.

  • Updates UX to match other YXI Connectors.

  • Name changed to Power BI Output.

v1.0.0 (deprecated)

  • Initial release.

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Microsoft Power BI Output Tool

Gray icon with bar graph inside



See Microsoft's Push datasets limitations for limitations and additional details.

Due to Power BI API limitation, Designer can't write DateTime values. Convert the DateTime values to strings before uploading the dataset to Power BI.

Desktop Automation (Scheduler) is not supported by this connector.

Data Connection Manager

Power BI Output version 3.3.0 and later supports Data Connection Manager for an easier and a safer storage of your credentials. Create a connection to Power BI and easily reuse the stored credentials in workflows that include Power BI Output. Alteryx Server requires stored credentials to successfully run the published workflows.

Enable AMP Engine

Make sure you have the AMP engine enabled for the workflows which contain the Power BI Output tool version 3.3.0 and later.

Custom Microsoft Azure API Application Setup

To set up a custom API application for this tool, see our guide.