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Apache Hive

Connection Type

ODBC (64-bit)

Driver Configuration Requirements

For optimal performance, you must enable the "FastSQLPrepare" option within the driver to allow Alteryx to retrieve metadata without running a query.

Type of Support

Read & Write, In-Database

Validated On

Database Version:

ODBC Client Version:

For more information about the Simba ODBC driver, see the Simba ODBC documentation.

Invalid column reference Error

Simba introduced a feature in the driver that ensures that all column names are unique when reading in data. This feature causes Alteryx not to recognize column names. It is a hidden feature that you can turn off if you can't edit the query to avoid the error. You can either set hive.resultset.use.unique.column.names to false as a Server Side Property either in ODBC Driver DSN Setup or ODBC Driver Configuration. Or you can add a connection string parameter: EnableUniqueColumnName=0. For more information and steps on how to do so, see the Invalid Column Reference article in Community.

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Standard Workflow Processing

Input Data ToolInput Data Tool

Input Data Tool Icon

Output Data ToolOutput Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon

In-Database Workflow Processing

Blue icon with database being plugged in.
Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.

Additional Details

The Use Native Query option in the Simba Hive ODBC driver is not supported for Write InDB or Data Stream in InDB.

Hive does not properly handle writing multibyte characters in wide strings (WStrings). For more information, go to Unicode® character SQL INSERT issue.

If you have issues with reading or writing Unicode® characters, access the Simba Impala ODBC driver. Under Advanced Options, select the Use SQL Unicode Types option.

The Create New Table option in the Output tool creates a managed table in Hive.