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Configure PostgreSQL Bulk Connection for Writing Data

Connection Type

ODBC 64-bit + Bulk.

Driver Configuration Requirements

Driver Details

The same driver as ODBC. The ODBC driver can be downloaded from PostgreSQL.

Type of Support

Write only.

Validated On

ODBC Client Version 09.06.0310

To configure the PosgreSQL Bulk connection for writing data, follow these steps:

  1. In Designer place an Output Data Tool on the canvas and select the drop-down for the field Write to a File or Database.

  2. In the Single Access Point menu go to Data sources and select PostgreSQL | Bulk.

  3. Select your DSN connection from the drop-down, and enter a value for User Name, Password, Database Name, Host, Port, and SSL Mode.


All fields in the connection dialog are required to successfully connect and write data.


  • Record size up to 500 MB is officially supported.

  • Custom Append Mapping under the Append Field Map option isn’t implemented, but does not disrupt the mapping process. For example, when you create a Custom Append Map, it will appear as being used but it is not.

  • The use of Delete Data and Append in the output options can cause loss of data in the record. When you choose the Delete Data and Append option in the output options, there is a possibility that data is deleted but no new data is written. This happens when the fields in Alteryx don’t match the fields in the database table. For example, if the database table was created with two fields of numeric types and you decide to run a workflow where the output to the table is a string datatype, the data in the table will be deleted but the strings can’t be written to the numeric fields, therefore output is empty. However, Designer will say that records were written successfully.