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Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Marketplace.

Driver Configuration Requirements


Type of Support

Read only

Validated On

ServiceNow Orlando




  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer and Server 2021.4.2 Patch 6, 2022.1 Patch 4 and later.

  • Compatible with AMP engine only.

  • Added support for DCM.

  • FIPS capable.

  • Fixed issue where the tool showed an error when reading tables where all records had a blank Wiki field (TPM-1563).


  • Compatible with Designer and Server 2021.1 and later.

  • Initial release of ServiceNow tool.

  • ServiceNow version Orlando and later are supported.

  • Both standard and custom ServiceNow tables are supported.

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect


This tool is not automatically installed with Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Community.

Standard Workflow Processing

ServiceNow Input

ServiceNow Input Tool Icon


Use the ServiceNow tool to run, schedule, and publish workflows from Designer, reading from ServiceNow Data tables.

Support is for standard and custom ServiceNow tables.

Data Connection Manager

The ServiceNow tool version 1.1.0 and later supports Data Connection Manager for an easier and a safer storage of your credentials. Create a connection to ServiceNow and easily reuse the stored credentials in workflows that include the ServiceNow tool. Alteryx Server requires stored credentials to successfully run the published workflows.

Enable AMP Engine

Make sure you have the AMP engine enabled for the workflows which contain the ServiceNow tool version 1.1.0 and later.


The ServiceNow tool works only with

• Designer and Server, version 21.1 and later