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Model Coefficients Tool Icon Model Coefficients Tool

The Model Coefficients tool creates a table of model coefficient names and values. In some situations, a user might be interested in extracting the model coefficients from a standard Alteryx Count, Gamma, Linear, or Logistic Regression model, models that fall into the Generalized Linear Model family. You can use this tool to create customized reports. This tool can also be used in downstream calculations. However, that process can be error-prone, so the Score tool typically provides a safer and more reliable solution.


This tool is not automatically installed with Alteryx Designer or the R tools. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Community Gallery.

Connect an Input

A data stream containing a predictive model object created by the standard Alteryx Count, Gamma, Linear, and Logistic regression tools.

Configure the Tool

This tool does not require configuration.

View the Output

The tool outputs a data stream that contains 2 fields:

  • Variable: The name of the model variable.

  • Coefficient: The estimated coefficient for that variable.