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Use the Deploy tool to integrate with Promote, a platform for deploying, managing, and scaling predictive models. The Deploy tool uploads models directly to the Promote platform, allowing for easier visibility and management of your available predictive model resources.

Configure the Tool

To deploy a model to the Promote platform, follow these steps:

  1. Establish an Alteryx Promote Connection. There are 2 options:

    • Alteryx Promote Connection: Use the dropdown to select from saved Promote connections.

    • Add Connection: An option to add to the list of available Promote connections. The Promote connection manager operates independently of workflows. To add a Promote connection...

      1. Select Add Connection.

      2. In the Add Connection window, enter an Alteryx Promote URL, a URL that points to the location where your model is stored.

      3. Select Next.

      4. In the Alteryx Promote Credentials window, enter your Username and API Key.

      5. Select Connect.

      6. If successful, in the Connection Established window, select Finish. The new connection is selected and visible in the drop-down.

    • Delete a Promote Connection

      1. Select an available connection.

      2. Select Remove Connection.

      3. In the Confirmation window, verify the URL and Username are associated with the connection you want to remove.

      4. Select OK. The connection is no longer available in the dropdown.

  2. To deploy a model with the same name as a model in the Promote platform, select Overwrite existing model. This updates the model version to your current deployment. Overwritten versions are accessible through the version control within the Promote platform.

  3. Run the workflow to deploy the model to the Promote server.


Promote Access

If you are unsure if you have access to the Promote feature or need assistance finding your required credentials, contact your local administrator or your support representative.

Deployment Success

Success Message

If the model is successfully deployed, a message displays in the Results window with the success status and model version number.

Status: Successfully deploy | Version 5

Failure Message

If the model fails to deploy, an error message displays in the Results window.

Error Message Examples

  • Model already exists; check "Overwrite existing model" and re-run the workflow: Only one version of a model can be active in the Promote platform. To successfully deploy:

    • Select Overwrite existing model and re-run the workflow to deploy a new version.

    • Change the name of your model and re-run the workflow to deploy a different workflow.

  • Unable to reach API; reconfigure tool and re-run the workflow: The tool's configuration is incorrect. Verify all input information and re-run the workflow.

  • Enter valid Promote credentials: Verify that your Promote Username and API Key were entered correctly.

  • Enter valid Promote URL: Verify that you entered a valid Promote URL.

  • Promote API is unreachable; try again later: The Promote network is temporarily down.