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DataInvestigation_Z-Score_71x71.png Standardize z-score Tool

Use Standardize z-score to perform a z-score transformation on all the numeric fields in an input data stream. The z-score transformation consists of subtracting the mean value from each of the original values in a field and then dividing this difference by the standard deviation of the field. This results in standardized fields that each have a mean of zero and a standard deviation of one, but are perfectly correlated with the original field values.

Supporting Macro Location

This is a supporting macro so it does not show in the Tool Palette. You can find it in the following directory:

Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Macros\Predictive Tools\Supporting_Macros

This tool has no configuration parameters.

Output Details

  • D anchor: Contains the standardized version of the numeric fields contained in the input stream.

  • P anchor: Contains these fields:

    • Name: The name of each transformed field.

    • Mean: The field mean used in the standardization.

    • SD: The field standard deviation used in the standardization. This information helps to implement scoring and other similar downstream processing.