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Version a Tool


The Legacy SDKs use outdated technology that limits your extension opportunities. We've built a new Platform SDK using Python and the latest open-source technology to deliver a vastly improved development experience. Go to Platform SDK to get started!

When creating a custom tool, it is best practice to implement a tool versioning scheme. Defining a version for your custom tools makes it easier to maintain and upgrade when the code has been updated.

Alteryx relies on a few settings to support the versioning of tools.

Configure a Tool

  1. Tool Folder Name: The tool folder name should end with _v#.#.# corresponding to major.minor.patch version number.

  2. Tool Config.xml

There are two XML tags that need to be updated.

  1. Enter the name for your tool. The RootToolName needs to be consistent between tool versions: <RootToolName>Custom Tool Name</RootToolName>

  2. Enter the version number for your tool. The version number should correspond to the version you appended to the tool folder name: <ToolVersion>#.#.#</ToolVersion>