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Alteryx Community Articles

If you need further information about how Connect works, you can find a lot of useful information in Alteryx Community articles. These articles are located in Alteryx Connect Knowledge Base and written by Connect experts.

Here you find information on how to get started, how to solve various issues, and also tutorials for certain features.

Get Started

Articles that help when you start using Connect.

Welcome to Alteryx Connect

What is Alteryx Connect?

Connect Architecture Overview

Installing and Licensing Connect

Managing Users and Permissions in Connect

Metadata Loader Categories

Establishing Relationships/Lineage in Connect

Authentication Methods for Connect

Quick Guide: API Catalog in Connect (from version 2019.4+)

How To Articles

Articles that describe the steps and processes how to use Connect features on various examples.

How to Upgrade Tomcat in Alteryx Connect

How do I change the Single Sign-On Entity ID in Alteryx Connect?

Add SAML IDP Signing Certificate to Connect Keystore

Add Web Connection Certificate to Alteryx Connect Keystore

Back Up and Restore Connect Database via Command Line

Bring Your Own Metadata Using Custom Fields

Bulk Update of Data Assets in Connect

Cannot Establish a Connection between Connect and Gallery

Configure SAML on Alteryx Connect for Active Directory Federation Services (ADF…

Configuring SAML on Alteryx Connect for OneLogin

Configure SSL (Issued SSL Certificate) on Connect

Configure SSL (Self-Signed Certificate) on Connect

Connect Change Log Dashboard

Connect to the H2 Console

Connect to the Connect REST API with Alteryx Designer

Deploy Alteryx Connect on MS SQL Database

Enable SSL in the Connect Installer

Fast Deployment of Metadata Loaders in Connect

Glossary Bulk Load

How To: Add Items To A New Connect Virtual Folder

Import a PFX Certificate

Loading Gallery Metadata to Connect

Loading File System Metadata to Connect

Loading MySQL Metadata to Connect

Loading Oracle Metadata to Connect

Loading Tableau Metadata to Connect

Recover the Home Page after Restoring Connect

Schedule Metadata Loader

Use Custom Fields in Connect


Articles that help when you need to find solutions to Connect issues.

TLF-3007 Status 403 when running Tableau Loader as an app.

After removing Database servers entries in Data Sources assets, running Redshif…

Connect 21.4: Alteryx Gallery Loader - Read Before You Migrate

Troubleshooting: Download Metadata Button Is Not Visible When Configuring SAML …

TLF-2643 Error Message: "CheckConnectCredentials (xx): Connect credentials chec…

Incorrect Connect Profile Name after using a custom field

Alteryx Connect Error: Warning java.lang.Exception: 400 Bad Request

Connect Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)

File Size alert on Alteryx Connect after removing assets

Kerberos authentication on Gallery is not support for Alteryx Connect - WARNING…

Newly Created Users Encountered Error on Login in Connect

Troubleshooting Metadata Loading in Connect

Troubleshooting: Unable to add user(s) to group

Unspecified Error when Resetting a User's Password

When Connect Performance Drops Significantly and What to Do About It

What's New

Articles about new features and issues for various Connect releases.

New in Connect 2021.4

New in Connect 2021.3

New in Connect 2021.2

New in Connect 2021.1

New in Connect 2020.4

New in Connect 2020.3

New in Connect 2020.2

New in Connect 2020.1

New in Connect 2019.4

New in Connect 2019.3

New in Connect 2019.2

New in Connect 2019.1