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This Legacy SDK uses outdated technology that limits your extension opportunities. We've built a new Platform SDK using Python and the latest open-source technology to deliver a vastly improved development experience. Go to Platform SDK to get started!

SDK: Build Connect Loaders

  • App definition: Code that defines the appearance and structure of an asset within Connect by defining the number of columns, rows, and data types allowed.

  • Asset: Also known as an artifact or archetype, an asset is any single item of information found in your company's instance of Connect. These are categorized as Analytic Workflows, Reports, Data Sources, Glossary, and People.

  • Load code: A unique identifier of the run from the source system.

  • Mapping: Instructions that allow the system to load data from stage tables to Connect according to the parameters set in the app definition.

  • Stage: A container within the SDK that holds and prepares data being transferred from a data source to Connect.

  • Stage tables: Tables used to prepare data when transferred from a data source to Connect. They are located in the SDK stage container.

  • EXT_table: Stage tables created and edited by users.

  • INT_table: Stage tables that are provided with the SDK and are not editable by users.