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This C++ SDK uses outdated technology that limits your extension opportunities. We've built a new Platform SDK using Python and the latest open-source technology to deliver a vastly improved development experience. Go to Platform SDK to get started!

The ConfigUtility class constructs configuration XML for a RecordInfo object and assesses if the XML is different from the provided XML.



Constructs a configuration XML string and compares it against the specified configuration XML string. Returns a new configuration XML string.

static WString MakeAndCompareMetaInfo(const RecordInfo & recordInfo, const wchar_t *strOutputConnection, WString strSortConfig, WString strOldConfig, bool &r_bMetaInfoDifferent)

recordInfo: A reference to the RecordInfo object you are evaluating.

strOutputConnection: The name of the output connection pertaining to the RecordInfo object.

strSortConfig: The sort configuration XML for the output connection. The XML string should be in the format below. If the data connection is not sorted, an empty <SortInfo> element should be used.

<SortInfo> <Field field="SortField1" order="Asc" /> <Field field="SortField2" order="Desc" /> ... </SortInfo>

strOldConfig: The configuration XML used to compare against the sort configuration.

r_bMetaInfoDifferent: A reference to a boolean value the describes if the configuration has changed:

  • True: The new configuration differs from the old configuration.

  • False: The old and sort configurations match.