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Get Started with Connect

Connect gives knowledge workers the power to discover and understand relevant data assets. It is a social data exploration platform with a single point of entry into the world of data. This gives knowledge workers the power to discover and understand data assets relevant to their business. Follow these steps to find, view, and contribute to your organization's data.


Use the Search feature to find data across your organization. For more information, see Search for Data.

Screenshot of Connect - viewing a certain asset.


Once you have selected a data asset to view, review its details. Help other Connect users by adding details about the asset, such as a description, and using the social tools such as comments and likes. For more information, see Contribute to Data.

Screenshot of Connect while updating a certain asset.


Catalog new data assets from any screen by selecting the Create Add icon button.

Screenshot of Connect while creating an entry.


Use the Connect API to develop your own applications the retrieve metadata from Connect.

For information on how to use the REST API to load metadata to Connect, see Alteryx Developer Help.