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AlteryxRunWizard AlteryxEngine API method is used to run a wizard in the same process and memory space as the calling application to increase performance over using AlteryxRunWizard_Pipe. Returns 0 if an error occurs; non-zero when successful.


In server-side applications, use AlteryxRunWizard_Pipe instead of AlteryxRunWizard unless performance is a critical concern.

The AlteryxRunWizard and AlteryxRunWizard_Pipe methods are identical except the AlteryxRunWizard runs the application in the same process as the calling application. In general, this provides better performance than the AlteryxRunWizard_Pipe method because the AlteryxEngine is only instantiated one time.

Risks: If Alteryx encounters a problem it may cause the calling application to fail.

Method Declaration

int AlteryxRunWizard( 
        const wchar_t* strXmlModule,
        const wchar_t* strXmlWizardValues,
        const wchar_t* strPathContext,
        TCallbackToolProgress pCallbackToolProgress,
        TCallbackMessage pCallbackMessage,
        __int64 userData


  • strXmlModule: A path to the workflow, or a string containing the full XML of the workflow to be run.

  • strXmlWizardValues: The application values XML. The strXmlWizardValues parameter must contain an XML string value that includes the values for the questions the application requires to run. Find the XML string by clicking the Test button on the Questions or Actions tab in the application's Properties window. This displays the application's Show Values button. Click Show Values to display the XML that Alteryx is expecting.

  • strPathContext: The default path for resolving relative paths in the workflow. If strXmlModule was set to a file, this is optional and will default to the path of the file.

  • pCallbackToolProgress: A callback function for progress of individual tools. Optional - can be NULL. See TCallbackToolProgress for more information.

  • pCallbackMessage: A callback function for status messages. Optional - can be NULL. See TCallbackMessage for more information.

  • userData: User data that will be passed to the callback methods. Optional. Can be 0 if Callbacks are either NULL or do not access userData. See Alteryx Engine API Example for more detail on how to define a custom userData structure.


AlteryxRunWizard(strWizard, wizardValues, NULL, NULL,
 pCallbackMessage, 0);