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Data Upload Workflow

This example workflow demonstrates how to push data to Alteryx Connect from Designer via the REST API.

To complete this workflow, you will need...

  • Connect v2 Server

  • Designer and the Connect v2 Tools

This workflow assumes you have created the county.xml and load-alteryx-counties.xml configuration files from Configuration Files Creation Example and uploaded the files to Connect with the Configuration File Upload Workflow.

In Designer

Download or create this workflow by following the steps below.

  1. Open a new workflow and drag an Input Data tool onto the canvas.

  2. In the Configuration window, use Connect a File or Database to browse to CountiesByStates.yxdb, located in the Designer sample data folder.

  3. Configure the Text Input tool:

    "SDKtest" acts as a load code, allowing users to load into a stage table from a different source system without impacting previously loaded data.

  4. Connect the configured input tools to an Append Fields tool to add the LOAD_CODE to the dataset.

  5. Add and connect a ConnectJson Builder tool.

  6. Configure the ConnectJson Builder tool:

    Table Name: EXT_COUNTRIES.

  7. Add and connect a ConnectOutput tool.

  8. Configure the ConnectOutput tool:

    • Connect Server URL: http://localhost

    • Login: admin

    • Password: Conn3ct!

    • Remove Pre-existing Data For This Loadcode: SDKtest

    • Connect Job To Be Executed: load-alteryx-coutries

      This is the ID Connect uses to access loaded values.

  9. Run the workflow to load the data into Connect.

In Connect

  1. Select Administration. To verify that records were submitted to the correct table:

    • Select Stage and check Load Code SDKtest and verify that Statistics reads "3,192 in EXT_COUNTRIES".

    • Select Log and find the line "Table 'EXT_COUNTRIES' contains 3,192 records."

  2. Return to the home page.

  3. Select Data Sources and verify that Countries Example is populated.