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Understand Assets

Each asset, or single information item within Connect, has metadata associated with the asset. Connect provides five categories, each of which provides a list of the available assets of that type.

Within the list, users will see information for each of the available assets:


  • Name: The asset name and a link to the asset page.

  • Alternate names: Synonyms that are used to alternatively define an asset.

  • Description: The asset description.

  • Discovered description: A description associated with the asset in the source location.


  • Status: A badge to indicate that an asset is certified. See Certify Assets.

  • Rating: The rating an asset has received from users. User can click on Like or Dislike button.

Asset Details

  • Popularity: An index to show the usage statistics of an asset compared to others in its category based on page views, user rating, related links, and other factors.

  • Owner: The person primarily responsible for the asset's accuracy.

  • Contributor: Any person who helps create, define, or shape and asset.

  • Tags: User-created labels to improve search results for a given asset.

Select an asset to view the asset page. Every asset page provides users with opportunities to Contribute to Data. Additional information is available based on the type of asset selected.