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Schedule Metadata Loaders

You can schedule the metadata loaders to run in the Alteryx Server UI. This will update the Alteryx Connect database with fresh information about your data on a cadence you choose.

Review Connect Scheduler Requirements

  • The Alteryx Connect Loaders must be installed on the machine where Alteryx Server is installed. To install the Loaders:

    1. Download the Loaders installer. For compatibility, the Loaders installer version in the file name (for example, must match the Alteryx Connect version.

    2. Run the installer as administrator.

  • Perform the following steps on the machine where Alteyx Server is installed.

Configure the Loaders

Follow the instructions for each loader to create the app values file (.yxwv) used for scheduling, as well as to test the connection and credentials for each data source.

If you have multiple connections to the same data source type, for example, multiple Oracle databases, save separate .yxwv files for each connection in the same directory as the loader.

See Load Metadata into Connect for loader instructions.

Configure and Test the Connect Scheduler

  1. Open Alteryx Designer.

  2. Select Help > Sample Workflows > Alteryx Connect Metadata Loaders > ConnectScheduler > ConnectScheduler.

  3. Within the workflow, select the Directory tool.

  4. In the Configuration window, type the root directory for the Alteryx metadata loaders:


  5. Run the workflow to test it. Depending on how many data source loaders you configured, running the workflow could take a long time.

  6. Select File > Save As > My Company's Server to save the workflow to your private studio. If your Server is listed as "localhost", or if you have not yet added a Server, select Add a Server and use the hostname or IP address of the Alteryx Server. For proper data lineage, you should not use "localhost".

Schedule the Connect Scheduler

  1. Log in to the Server UI as Curator.

  2. Search for "ConnectScheduler" and select it.

  3. Select Schedule.

  4. Configure the schedule and select Done.

View the Results

You can check Connect Scheduler results in both Server UI and Designer.

View Workflow Results in Gallery

  1. Log in to the Server UI as Curator.

  2. Select Workflow Results.

  3. Find ConnectScheduler in the list and select it. A successful run will show "This workflow produced no output." This is normal.

View Workflow Results in Designer

  1. Open Alteryx Designer.

  2. Go to Options > View Schedules > Results.

  3. Find ConnectScheduler.yxmd in the list and expand the row.

  4. Select Output to see the run details.