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Critical Server Files and Settings to Backup

The files and settings mentioned in this article, along with a MongoDB Backup, allow you to reconstruct your Server's data and environment.

If you only have 1 node, ensure you gather all the information from that machine. If you are trying to establish a routine backup process, refer to the suggested script in Alteryx Server Backup and Recovery Part 2: Procedures.

Place these files in a secure location and indicate the version of Server currently running. To find out which version you use, go to Alteryx Server, select My Profile in the upper right corner, and refer to Versions.

Note that you should adjust the drive and folder paths mentioned in this article based on your installation location.


Due to recent changes in encryption methods (TGAL-6764), users must now proactively prepare for a disaster recovery scenario where the original Alteryx Server Controller node is no longer available. The Disaster Recovery Preparation page guides you through the procedure to prepare the RuntimeSettings.xml file on a backup controller node to be used for disaster recovery.

All Nodes





Keys Folder


Service Log On User

Windows Services app > right-click AlteryxService > Properties > Log On

Configuration File

Only need to backup if the file has been modified.

  • [2020.1+] C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\server\config\alteryx.config

  • [<=2019.4] C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\config\alteryx.config

Controller Node



Controller Token

Alteryx System Settings > Controller > General > Controller Token or use the command line (run As Administrator):

"C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxService.exe" getserversecret

Mongo Passwords

Save both Admin and Non-Admin passwords:

Alteryx System Settings > Controller > Persistence > Database or use the command line (run As Administrator):

"C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxService.exe" getemongopassword

Worker Nodes



Run As User

Alteryx System Settings > Worker > Run As

This might not be used by your Server:

These are configured in Designer on your Server and users mirror them on their local Designer. Workflows developed locally using these Connections expect them to exist on the Server to run without error.

Shared DB Connections


This file is generated from Designer > Options > Advanced Options > Manage Database Connections.

In-DB Connections


This file is generated from Designer > Options > Advanced Options > Manage In-DB Connections.

Additional Information Needed to Recover to a New Server



License Keys

Designer > Options > Manage Licenses

ODBC Drivers

ODBC Data Sources App > Drivers

Supported Drivers:


ODBC Data Sources App > System DSN


Determine the list of Connectors installed on your Server. See the Server Upgrade > PLAN section Understanding Connectors.

Python Tool Environment

Save a list of Python packages, refer to How To Create a Text File for a Backing up Designer Python.


Active Directory groups that are granted access to local Server security policies.