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Enterprise Utilities

  • Active Directory Sync: Use this workflow to sync updates from Active Directory (AD) to your Alteryx Server. Check if AD groups exist in Server, and create them if needed. Add or remove Alteryx Server users from User Groups based on their AD groups.

  • Customer Managed Telemetry: Customer Managed Telemetry (CMT) provides the ability to track the workflows and tools in use throughout your organization. It requires setup on the machine that runs Designer to access the log files and telemetry data. This workflow gathers the necessary files and compiles them into easy-to-read visualizations in Tableau and PowerBI. You can customize the workflow to output in other formats if needed.

  • Workflow Migration: The Workflow Migration Enterprise Utility demonstrates how you can leverage Alteryx Designer, Server APIs, and the new Server API tool for remote workflow migration. Auditing examples display the checks required to meet the workflow standards of your organization. Since every organization is different, you should customize this workflow according to your organization’s unique makeup and requirements, as the workflow doesn't account for every consideration.