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Configure SQL Server


  • Have an MSSQL Server instance hosted and network accessible from your Alteryx Server controllers.

    • Alteryx Server supports MSSQL Server 2019 and 2022.

    • Use a separate SQL database for AlteryxGallery/AlteryxService to access.

    • The database access user must have admin privileges for any databases Alteryx Server uses.

  • Install SQL Server drivers.

  • Optional: Access to SQL Server Management Studio. This allows you to view and access database data manually so you can verify and validate the state of your data without accessing your Server.

Set-Up Instructions

For new Server environments, set up user-managed MSSQL in Alteryx System Settings under the Controller and Server UI sections. For each of these settings, add a distinct SQL connection string. For more information on how to structure these connection strings, go to the SQL DB Advanced Connection Strings help page.

To migrate to MSSQL from MongoDB, follow the instructions in the Mongo to SQL Migration Guide. If you currently use embedded MongoDB or user-managed MongoDB, you have the option to migrate to MSSQL as of Server 2024.1.

For more information about SQL DB schemas, visit AlteryxGallery SQL DB Schema and AlteryxService SQL DB Schema.

For information on how to reset database credentials, go to Set New SQL DB Credentials.