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Server UI Node Configuration

Now that we have our High Availability Controller cluster running, the next step is to complete the setup of Alteryx Server UI and Worker nodes. To complete the setup, configure the Server UI and Worker nodes as you normally would in the distributed Alteryx Server environment. When you reach the Controller configuration, proceed as follows:

  • Select Test to confirm compatibility.

    Select Test to confirm compatibility.  

If you do not receive a Success notification:

  • Confirm that all nodes in the Alteryx Server environment (Server UI, Controller, and Worker nodes) are running the same version of Alteryx Server.

  • Confirm there are no firewalls blocking TCP port 80 on the Controller nodes.

Complete the remainder of the Alteryx System Settings, as required for each node in the Alteryx Server environment. Then select Finish on the Finalize Your Configuration screen to apply the settings and start the AlteryxService using the newly applied settings.