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Activities Center

Activities Center sums up all notifications created for any user and can be accessed by both admins and users. To set up Activities Center, visit the Maintenance help page.

To access all notifications, go to the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the user interface and select Activities Center. The views for admins and users slightly differ.

Admin Activities Center

Admins can view all notifications created for admins and all end users.

You can filter notifications by the following fields: Asset, Who, Action, and Date.


User Activities Center

In the user interface, by default you can see only notifications about entries for assets you are subscribed to. To see notifications on both subscribed and unsubscribed entries, select Switch on to see Unsubscribed Entries.

You can filter the notifications by the following fields: Asset, Who, Action, and Date.


List of Events to Create Notifications

If an event is created from the list below, a notification event is created on the Activities Centre page.

  • Entry Created

  • Entry Changed

  • Comment Thread Created

  • Comment Created

  • Comment Changed

  • Comment Thread Removed

  • Comment Removed

  • Entry Removed

  • Thread Resolved

  • Thread Unresolved

  • ToDo Created

  • ToDo Removed

  • ToDo Resolved

  • Share

  • Mentioned

  • Signup

  • Login Failed Event

  • Like

  • Dislike

  • Neutral

  • Forget Password

  • ToDo Unresolved